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99.9% Specificity and a category leading limit of detection¹

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1. Limit of detection is the the lowest amount of viral material that a test needs in order to detect a virus.

100% Specificity

Other tests can show people as positive even if they aren’t actually infectious. This means people who aren’t dangerous to others have to isolate. Because KnowNowᵀᴹ COVID-19 antigen tests only detect people who are infectious, with 100% specificity² and high degree of accuracy, they can reduce the frustration and cost of unnecessary isolation.

What's our clinical sensitivity?

Our clinical sensitivity is on par with industry standard lateral flow tests that have been approved by PHE.³

3. We need to put in some validation here

Extremely sensitive testing

KnowNowᵀᴹ tests can detect a very small amount of virus: 500 infectious viruses per ML.⁴ This means they can pick up people before they become infectious, and before other antigen tests are able to.

4. We need to put in some validation here

High level of sensitivity in the field

One of the reasons we don’t just talk about clinical sensitivity is that testing conditions in the real world aren’t like a lab. Because our saliva tests are easier to use for less expert trained testers, they can provide a higher level of sensitivity than other lateral flow tests that use nasal or throat swabs.⁵

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Designed to be future focused

Because our test detects the invasion mechanism of the virus directly, our test will be robust to mutation because the virus will not mutate away from this mechanism. Based on our analytical results, we have seen that our test is even more accurate in detecting newer variants.⁶

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6. Comparison between the Wuhan and Kent variants of the virus with a recombinant protein model.

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