March 18, 2022

Meet the Team | Sarah Nadeem

What do you do at Vatic?

I’m a Research Scientist and part of the Vatic R&D team.

I have a variety of roles including fine-tuning existing products, researching novel ideas for future work, and developing said ideas. All whilst learning new experimental techniques, writing reports and documentations of experiments and laboratory protocols, and working alongside members of other departments to achieve company goals.

How long have you been with Vatic?

I’ve been a part of the Vatic team since September 2021.

Why did you want to work here?

It’s important for me to be interested in the work I do and know that it will be impactful. 

Working in diagnostics, I knew I’d be able to feed my curiosity by learning about diseases and the effect they have on the population. From there, I can take it a step further and be a part of a wider solution. In fact, the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the importance of this to more and more people. 

Vatic appealed to me because they offered exactly that – the opportunity to be in a research and development team and experience the forefront of science by working on the KnowNow SARS-CoV-2 Antigen test. This has heightened my motivation and I’m excited to be following a similar pattern for other diagnostic tests we develop.

What are you most proud of achieving with your time at Vatic?

My time at Vatic encouraged me to wear many hats and manifest different roles. More recently, I was required to put on a manufacturing hat to reach our technical transfer goals. I feel my attitude and alignment with the company ethos allowed me to get this done effectively.

What are you most excited about in the future?

Remaining dynamic and continually evolving are important to me in life and my career is no exception. 

Vatic has provided me with multiple opportunities for professional development. I find myself constantly growing and learning something new, whether it be in the laboratory or collaborating with others outside of the company. 

I’m also excited to be working with other professionals within the team and developing tests from start to finish.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of applying to work here?

Starting something new is a learning curve but it’s manageable with the right support. Vatic will not only provide this support but also provide a productive environment for you to explore and enhance your skills. 

The team will listen, and the company culture will ensure you’re looked after, all whilst giving you the independence to navigate your contribution to our growing company.

If this is the kind of thing you’re looking for, I suggest you do it - apply to work at Vatic! But most importantly, do it because you want to make a difference.

Interested in working at Vatic? Take a look at our open vacancies here.

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