May 16, 2022

Meet the Team | Katie Lui

What do you do at Vatic?

I joined Vatic as an intern and Analyst but, as with any startup, everyone who wants to, has the opportunity to wear multiple hats. I have had the privilege to be exposed to market research work, supported in grant writing, and assisted with some hands-on technical work in the laboratory in Oxford. Most recently I have been involved with supporting a manufacturing scale-up project. Overall I must say I have enjoyed the opportunity immensely, including the experience of working with different people from various different functions.

How long have you been with Vatic?

A little more than 7 (exciting) months!

Why did you want to work here?

Quite honestly, at the start, I joined Vatic because I was interested in the company's vision and the opportunity to contribute to the development of a better COVID test, of which there is still a clear need across various levels and sectors of the society. 

I was also attracted by the fast-paced and exciting work culture that startups offer, where Vatic is no exception. Indeed, over time, both have proven to be true but it was the people, the work and the mission Vatic is working towards that gave me all the reasons to love working here. 

First of all, Vatic embodies an exuberant culture where we work to add value and problem solve . At work, everyone in the team is driven and diligent, but also kind and fun! Importantly, I feel included and valued, which has truly incentivised me and provided me with a psychologically safe space for me to grow without inhibition. 

Secondly, having had the chance to work with and learn from various people in multiple functions, I gained exposure across the business. From hands-on technical laboratory work where I witnessed first-hand the technology Vatic is developing, to understanding what it takes to transfer the technology from lab benches to large-scale manufacturing, all the way to understanding how it is married up with the pull generated by commercial demand.

It continues to fascinate me to see how a business grows, pivots and evolves on a high level, but also on a granular level within teams and individuals. Where the work that everyone is doing within various functions all feeds into one another in parallel in this lean model. 

Last but not least, knowing Vatic's mission is to improve healthcare accessibility and delivery by leveraging health data in real time continues to inspire me at work. Extending the diagnostic concept beyond COVID where patients are notified of conditions as and when needed, as the diagnostics market and the public awareness of testing need continues to expand and permeate into other acute and chronic disease areas. I believe Vatic is truly working towards a great future where we are able to have a better understanding of our bodies through harnessing data in synergy with our technology.

What are you most proud of achieving with your time at Vatic?

Hard to pin down! There are definitely several of such achievements. Due to Vatic’s culture, I was empowered to step out of my comfort zone and bring value in avenues where I was previously oblivious of having any undiscovered potential in. 

For instance, I am proud to have worked on the manufacturing scale-up project to ensure the timelines for commercial demand generation syncs with that of production as well as the plan for its scale-up. It was a grand mixture of hard work, feeling (positively) challenged, and a sense of relief and achievement eventually in finding and fleshing out new ways to problem solve.

Other instances include supporting the coordination of the device assembly team for the US clinical trials, managing a grant project in collaboration with King's College London, and the opportunity to join a networking event and practice pitching to potential investors and collaborators. Vatic truly offers all the opportunities one can find to bring value and develop potential.

What are you most excited about in the future?

After the current manufacturing scale-up project, I am very excited to get more involved in the development of the digital products as well as data management and analysis for Vatic in the future.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of applying to work here?

Vatic is truly an amazing place to work in. Without a doubt, it is the people that you work with that makes work enjoyable and exciting every day - and Vatic is the prime example of that. If you are looking for a place of creativity, inclusivity, flexibility, growth, and drive - Vatic is it.

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