March 2, 2022

Meet the Team | Jack Nath

What do you do?

I work as a Research Scientist in Vatic’s R&D team. 

My time is generally split between a number of different objectives, a lot of which I am able to choose by myself. These include a long-term project on creating and developing an Influenza (A + B) virus infectivity test; helping to design, streamline and supervise a new upcoming manufacturing facility; assisting and overseeing documentation for the laboratory including SOPs, risk assessments and COSHH assessments.

I am also helping in the manufacturing and technical transfer of our existing product and am an acting health and safety deputy.

How long have I been with Vatic?

I joined Vatic on the 4th of October 2021.

Why did I want to work at Vatic?

I was first drawn to Vatic by the  opportunity to learn and develop many new skills that an R&D scientist of my age in the field of immunology would greatly benefit from. 

On speaking to the principal scientist and the Chief Technical Officer, the ambition and scope of the company became apparent and were aligned with my passions and personal career goals. It appeared and proved to be an exciting opportunity and one that led me to leave a company I had been with, and was very happy with, for a 2 year period.

What am I most proud of in my time working for Vatic?

Coming in at a very crucial time in the company’s growth where the optimisation and technical transfer of our existing diagnostics test were critical. I was able to play a major role in helping the R&D team and the wider company in achieving these milestones. It was a challenging but rewarding experience.

What am I most excited about in the future of working for Vatic?

On a personal level I am most excited about creating and developing the Influenza virus infectivity test, as this is a project I will be taking ownership of alongside the wider team. It  is a project that will require much thought, learning and application of a variety of skill sets I have been building over my career so far. In the bigger picture, I am very excited to see how Vatic will continue to grow and establish themselves in the world of infectious disease testing, not only with the test we have developed so far, but in tackling numerous diseases and creating a platform for customers to feel they are able to access tests that will not only give them fast, reliable results but change the way in which infectious disease testing is approached entirely.

What would I tell somebody who is considering applying to work for Vatic?

I would express my own satisfaction in my time spent working for Vatic, and describe the enjoyable and ambitious environment that comes with being a Vatic employee. It’s a place that, providing you come in with a positive work ethic and an interest in the science, you can not only play a key role in building a company of great ambition but have access to resources and be given responsibilities that build your skills as well. There are also great, friendly team members to help develop yourself and be successful in your role. It’s a rewarding and challenging place to work for all of the right reasons.

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