April 14, 2022

Meet the Team | Alfredo Maria Gravagnuolo

What do you do at Vatic?

As Principal Scientist, I help Vatic coordinate and carry out research & development activities, ensuring that we row productively in the same direction to meet deadlines. 

Not only are we developing our unique technology platform and the industrial process, but we also look at the future by building a strong team, improving the lab facility and growing our external network with public and private organisations. 

Working in an SME means that I have the opportunity to provide support to other departments such as manufacturing and QA/RA, with the production, quality checking and validation of key components of our technology.

How long have you been with Vatic?

I joined Vatic Health in May 2021. 

Looking retrospectively, so much has happened in that time. Alongside my colleagues, I have contributed to set up the R&D department from scratch, sharing my experience of over 10 years working internationally in research institutes. Our department is continuously evolving, and growing fast means being ready for the change in terms of people, facilities, processes, projects and priorities, however, the philosophy remains the same as the first day.

Why did you want to work here?

Firstly, since a young age, I have aspired to develop breakthrough (nano-bio) technologies, and commercialise them! Scientists should have a central role in society receiving a financial return from their intellectual work. My passions for science and commercial acumen mean that I am most fit for a start-up company like Vatic Health focused on innovation, and I feel good knowing that my work has an impact on the real world and a key role in my organisation. 

Secondly, scientifically speaking I find the “small world from the living cells down to the chemical elements” fascinating. I am interested in studying hybrid biomolecules-nanomaterials complexes endowed with functions never seen before. 

I share the same scientific and non-scientific philosophy with the co-founders at Vatic Health and speaking with them was the driving force in joining Vatic. We believe that thinking laterally, and building a strong and diverse team are the keys to making the difference today, not tomorrow.

What are you most proud of achieving with your time at Vatic?

Above all, I am proud of the team that we are building and of what I learned from all my colleagues in such a short time. We have developed a scale-up process for our core nano-biotechnology to industrial quantities in our small R&D laboratory, which was not possible using traditional infrastructures in pre-existing industrial plants. Then, I am proud of my transition from academia to industry, enabling me to contribute more and more to the advancement of society. Here I do not feel that I am just a drop in the ocean, as can happen in a large multinational company, but that I am a strong pillar in the structure of the organisation.

What are you most excited about in the future?

I like to see progress in my work and feel excited that we’re growing fast, going through big changes and rapid expansion. My biggest challenge is to ideate new technology that will have a true impact on society. Vatic Health is the place where the magic can happen thanks to the intuition and the hard work of our co-founders and the whole team.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of applying to work here?

Reconnecting to my answer to the question “Why did you want to work here?”, I believe that philosophy is central in life decisions. Vatic Health is a good fit if you: believe in thinking laterally; want to know that your work has an impact on the real world, today, not tomorrow; have the feeling that Vatic is the place where you can be the best version of yourself.

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